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Boxed Menswear was a online solution for guys who hated shopping. Hand picked and personalized articles of clothing were sent straight to our customers door. Didn’t like it? Not a problem. Ship it back for a full refund. Not a subscription service, we were there for the guys with commitment issues. We were there for those who got overwhelmed at the mall, or never knew what looked best on them. We were there for you.

After being featured on Thrillist, almost partnering with Microsoft, and pivoting our delivery strategy (big fail), Boxed Menswear shipped it’s last box.

Along the way I met a lot of cool people. I learned a lot about what it takes to run a business. I learned about the importance of partnerships. Most of all I learned a lot about myself.

So thank you. Thank you for everything.

-Jon (founder/owner)

RIP : 2012-2013